The Indian outbound training market is crowded with a lot of players, all of them claiming to offer best in class outbound training programmes.

There are event organizers, entertainers and celebrity trainers that guarantee extravagance, fun and exhilaration, but shy away when questioned about business results.

There are quite many training organizations that offer outbound workshops which are formula driven and stereo typed. They dump their standard success formula which has worked on certain clients as one size fits all.

Leaving business critical outbound learning to the hands of entertainers or productized training delivery practitioners can prove to be a disaster.

At Antharicshaa, we offer an exhilarating and business specific outbound learning experience. Our outbound workshops not only creates adrenaline rush, but also instills the required leadership skills specific to each client’s business.

Our research based content, vast network of facilitators, adventurists and specialists can offer a spectrum of outbound programmes with varying levels of challenges and terrains. We take into careful consideration, the demographic profile of the participants while custom building outbound learning workshops for our clients.

What do your employees deserve at the end of the day? A sheer fun vacation? A celebrity pep up? Or an experiential and explorative learning, carefully handcrafted by a team of professionals to deliver the desired business results?