Understanding finance is an essential aspect of every professional’s life. It helps at both personal as well as in professional spheres of life. On the personal front, meticulous planning of personal financials helps one in maintaining good financial health, achieving various life goals, being risk free and also in early retirement to pursue interests or entrepreneurship. On the career front, professionals with good understanding of the organization’s financials tend to grow faster in their career and gravitate towards power in the organization. Professionals who are not very finance savvy despite possessing strong domain skills, tend to saturate after a certain stage in their career. It is quite imperative for every aspiring entrepreneur to be finance literate to successfully run a profitable and growing business.

Antharicshaa in association with finance experts who are at advisory capacity with State and Central Governments, policy makers and advisory board members of various corporations, have hand crafted two powerful financial literacy programmes that addresses the above financial literacy needs of every professional.

1. Personal Financial Planning Workshop: 

This workshop comprehensively covers the following aspects which helps the participants in healthy personal finance planning.

  • Seven common money mistakes
  • An individual economic life cycle
  • What is financial planning and why it is important?
  • What should be included in a financial plan?
  • Vision for the future: what’s important about money to you?
  • Basic financial concepts & ratios
  • What is risk?
  • Laying a solid foundation – Build your wealth Pyramid
  • Key personal financial goals
  • Investments
  • Income tax planning
  • Creating a legacy

2. Finance For Non-Finance Professionals Workshop: 

Our financial literacy workshops are delivered by seasoned finance professionals in small batches to ensure utmost personal attention and assimilation of concepts. Activities and business cases will be used to ensure 100% pragmatic learning that the participants can apply to their personal/work-life soon after the programme.

To know more about these programmes or to organize these workshops for your organization please write to info@antharicshaa.in